Repatriation Insurance

Repatriation Insurance from Bocchinfuso

Your passport to peace of mind.
Today it’s not unusual for people to spend significant time away from their homes each year vacationing, visiting relatives, or attending special events. If a death should occur while away from home, bringing a loved one back home can be a complicated and expensive process. Worldwide Travel Protection covers many of the difficult details and expenses for you, such as:

  • Locating and engaging a local, licensed provider to handle preparations for return travel.
  • Transportation of the deceased from the location where the death occurred to the bereavement establishment in the community in which their legal residence in Canada is located.
  • Direct cremation services when requested and available; full-body repatriation when requested and available.
  • Preparing the body for transport (including consular services where necessary).
  • Obtaining a death certificate, as legally required for repatriation.
  • Purchase of the minimally required transportation containers or air tray for transport.
  • Arranging for and paying for transportation of the remains (including airlines).

WWTAP covers travel anywhere in the world, if death occurs more than 100 kilometers from your legal primary residence in Canada or in another country. One toll-free phone call made by your family or funeral director is all it takes to begin the process of bringing you home. Associates are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will immediately notify the appropriate parties for a quick, safe and dignified return. As an added benefit, families who purchase this coverage as an insured multi-pay plan will also be eligible for transportation for one traveling companion to return home with the mortal remains.